Faux Rollei

What is the Faux Rollei?

Based on the orginal Rolleiflex, the “Faux Rollei” is a cardboard “shell” that is folded together and then used with your cell phone to take photos. This allows the photographer to simulate the old style twin lens reflex cameras made famous by the Rollieflex brand cameras. If you’re looking to add a unique perspective to your photos, the Faux Rollei is a fun, perfect tool.

How it Works

Assemble Your Faux Rollei

Assemble Your Faux Rollei

Using our simple step-by-step instructions, assemble your Faux Rollei.

Insert Your Smartphone

Insert Your Smartphone

Insert your smart phone into the Faux Rollei.

Take Some Pictures!

Take Some Pictures!

Enjoy taking old school pictures with your smart phone!

Faux Rollei Pictures

What They're Saying

Testimonial #1

"As an amateur photographer it let me experiment with taking pictures from a new perspective. But with the convenience of using my phone and the ability to see the results immediately. Very cool and fun."
--Hannah L.

Testimonial #2

"I was immediately attracted to the Faux Rollei when I saw one in use at a Sacramento Pioneer Days event. What a novel use of stale phone camera apps that all pretty much do the same thing. I fell in love with the ease of use and low cost!"
--Albert G.

Testimonial #3

"The use of twin lens reflexes is a lost art, in fact print film photography itself is becoming a lost art. The Faux Rollei gives amateur photographers the look and feel of a genuine Rolleiflex but without the investment."
--Pat B.